The Club is always looking for people who would like to manage, coach and or referee matches. If you are interested in managing or coaching a team, you can apply to the club, who will assign you to a team, probably at first with an experienced coach. After six months of assisting in running a team, the Club may offer you the opportunity to take the level 1 FA coaching qualification at no expense to you, if you have not already obtained it. After successfully completing the course, you may be allocated a team to manage and coach. The commitment is usually about 4 -6 hours a week. It is extremely rewarding and allows you to obtain valuable coaching experience.

Please see Coaches Duties and Expections

which you will be expected to comply with.

How much time is involved?

Apart from the time spent with the team, training and games, you will be expected to attend a managers meeting once every other month and any courses and events that the club runs. You will also be expected to attend the club’s annual trials and Player Awards.

What help will I get?

The aim is to get as many parents involved as possible to help you with training, and on match days etc. Hampstead have a sytem of parent reps that do all sorts to support the team, managers and coaches. (please see parent Reps section). The club is committed to having 2 people involved in each team – Manager and coach.

Is there much administration or paperwork?

The club will inform you of your fixtures and allocate your home pitch venue. You have to make sure that result cards are returned to the league and or to the fixtures secretary immediately after the game. You must also phone in the result, if you are the home team, within the time limit. We would hope that your parent rep would take on the majority of the team administration.

I have no experience in coaching or running a team. Will I receive training?

Yes – all coaches must obtain an FA Level 1 coaching qualification during their first season and keep first aid and child protection certificates up to date. Usually, you will be asked to support a more experienced coach in your first year.

Will this be expensive for me?

No. The club will seek to source a level 1 course for you to attend.

If I want to obtain higher qualifications will the club support me?

Yes. We encourage personal development of coaching skills and the club will seek to source grants in order to obtain further qualifications.

Will the club supply the player’s kit and training equipment?

Yes. The club supplies kit directly to each player and it is their responsibility to keep it in good order. If the kit is lost or damaged the player must replace the kit through the club system. Players are only allowed to play and train in official Hampstead FC kit. You will be issued with basic training equipment necessary to run a team. The club runs a “ball a boy” scheme which helps to keep the loss of balls to a minimum and means the manager does not have to log dozens of balls around to training sessions. Managers and coaches wll be expected to enforce the club’s kit policy strictly, including the “ball a boy” system.  If a ball is lost it will need to be replaced through the club system.

Will I have to complete an application form and what other procedures do I have to comply with before I can be appointed as a coach or manager?

The club has a recruitment policy, details which are on the club web site. You must be CRB checked and any appointment as a volunteer to work with children and young person’s will be subject to a satisfactory report from the CRB. You will also need to complete a volunteer application form and supply referrees, which will be checked by the club. You may be asked to run a training session, where you will be assessed by other coaches.

What about training facilities?

These will be arranged at the start of the season and maybe subject to change.

Other than running a team do I have to do anything else for the club?

Yes. We intend to run an Easter/Summer tournament and you will be asked to help out,  subject to your availability on a particular day and attend and support the annual Players Awards. You will be expected to attend the annual player trials in preperation for the forthcoming season.

If you are intereseted in coaching or managing please contact: Andy Histed e: t: 07702242732